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Ciudad Fantasma (Ghost City), 2013 


Not relying on the anecdotal or other narrative structures, Suwon Lee’s work allows the viewer to create his or her own meanings. In Ciudad Fantasma (Ghost City) we are given a vision of a city from afar. Lacking specifics and the gritty details of reality, the city remains in the realm of the contingent, something which is possible but fundamentally unknowable. Lee suggests that her work “examines the role of the artist as an interpreter of the world based on organizing principles and a systematic approach to image making.” With this in mind, Lee’s digital photograph that seems to hover between reality and utopia can also be taken as a suggestion of the role of the artist, both aware of the world but suggesting one which is better.



Biennial of the Americas: Draft Urbanism. Denver, Colorado, 2013


. urban . urbano . paisaje . landscape . fotografia . photography . night . nocturno . nocturne

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