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Mood Swing, 2008

Mood swing [The lovers], 2008 LED lightbulbs, steel, cables. Variable dimensions, height 18" Bombillos de LED, acero, cables. Dimensiones variables, altura 45 cm

In Mood Swing [The Lovers], two LED light bulbs that are joined on an aluminium base. Each light bulb changes to a different color and only briefly do they simultaneously have the same colour, before going on their different colors.


En Mood Swing [Los Amantes], dos bombillos de LEDs están unidos en una base de aluminio. Cada bombillo cambia a tonos de color diferentes y solo coinciden en un mismo color muy brevemente, para después continuar cada uno colores diferentes. 


Bling! Bling! Periférico Caracas. Caracas, Venezuela, 2008


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