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Anti-Readymade group show in Caracas, July 1 - Oct. 1, 2017

Anti-Readymade is a group show at Espacio Monitor in Caracas, Venezuela in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Marcel Duchamp's 'Fountain' (1917), curated by Miguel Miguel García. I show my piece "Protection/Revelations" (2017), in which I reference the shields used in the current Venezuelan political protests context in order to transform them into objects that invoke protection and sources of resistance, resilience and integrity. People are invited to choose one shield to open an encouraging message of patience, light, truth, kindness, freedom, grace, trust or gratitude. Each of the eight shields measure 60 x 80 cm (aprox. 31 x 24 in) are made of mdf, acrylic paint and gold leaf.

A total of 30 Venezuelan artists are in this show: Alberto Cavalieri, Alexander Apóstol + Yoko Ono, Alexander Gerdel, Alí González, Ana Alenso, Anna María Mazzei, Beto Gutiérrez, Carlos Zerpa, Daniel Medina, Diana López, Eduardo Vargas Rico, Iván Candeo, Jorge Pedro Núñez, José Antonio Hernández-Diez, Juan José Olavarría, Katiuska Angarita, Luis Arroyo, Luis Molina-Pantin, Luis Romero, Miguel Braceli, Muu Blanco, Nan González, Nela Ochoa, Pedro Terán, Rafael Serrano, Samuel Yanes, Suwon Lee, Valerie Brathwaite, Vicente Antonorsi, Yucef Merhi

Read the full exhibition text by Aixa Sánchez in Spanish in Tráfico Visual

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