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Library of Love: a labor of Love by Sandra Cinto

While doing an artist residency at FAAP in Sao Paulo from February to June of 2017, I was invited by fellow Mexican artist Miguel Perez to join the weekly art study groups held at Sandra Cinto and Albano Alfonso's workshop Ateliê Fidalga. Every week, Sandra and Albano got together with a group of emerging artists to discuss their creative process and I was fortunate to be invited to join them during my stay. Sandra not only opened the doors to their workshop and study groups and made us all feel at home, she also invited us to participate in a project she was preparing for Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center, the Contemplation Room & Library of Love. Sandra invited more than 200 artists from around the world to develop an artist book around the theme of love. The exhibition is taking place between October 08, 2017 through December 11, 2021, and a 280-page book containing all projects was published by Sandra in 2018. I received both the book and a numbered print edition by Sandra as a gift last week.

Needless to say, feeling welcome in this group as a foreigner in Sao Paulo and reflecting on the meaning of love was a profoundly meaningful experience and Sandra and Albano's passion and devotion to the development of others' artwork was a true inspiration.

Besides contributing with my own Book of love, I also made a ceramic mug entitled Bodhicitta (with the generous support of the ceramics workshop at FAAP) to be included in the Contemplation Room.

Images courtesy of: Ana Lucia Mariz e Leka Mendes, Tony Walsh, Albano Afonso.

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