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Included in 'Photography in Korea' by Jeehey Kim, the first history of Korean photography in English

I feel deeply honoured to be included in Photography and Korea, by Jeehey Kim, with my two photos 'San Ruperto' (2004) and 'Mr. Kim-The Cemetary' from my Kyopo Series (2010).

Photography and Korea is the first history of Korean photography for a Western readership. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, when Korean travelers brought photographic technology home from China, Photography and Korea presents multiple visions of the country, Korean diasporas, important Korean artists, and local photographers. The book also addresses studio and institutional practices during the Japanese colonial period, how photography connects with Korean political and cultural history, and the divergence of practices after the division of Korea. Featuring numerous striking images, this book is essential reading for all interested in the history of Korean photography.

Jeehey Kim is an Assistant Professor of the Art History programme at the University of Arizona. She has published widely on the history of photography, visual culture and film studies in East Asia.

'A pioneering study and key resource for scholars of photography history, visual culture, Korean studies, and East Asian studies. Photography and Korea’s broad scope, including vernacular photography and printed materials, allows us to visualize the dispersed stories of Korean photography and anchors them in photographic discourse. Not only does this book provide a framework for photo historians focusing on the region but it also contributes to the decolonization and diversification of the history of photography.'

Boyoung Chang, Mellon Assistant Professor in History of Art and Architecture, Vanderbilt University

'A unique contribution to our understanding of photography in Korea. Jeehey Kim shows how photography began in the region, who adopted and promoted it, and how the role of photography has evolved and diversified over periods since the 19th century, as Korea developed through its colonial legacy, occupation and war, and rapid social, political and economic developments. Invaluable for students and readers interested in the visual culture of the country and its history.' Mina Kim, Assistant Professor of Art History, University of Alabama

The book is published and distributed by Reaktion Books (UK) and has just been released this month of August. Available on Reaktion Books, The University of Chicago Press, Amazon and other websites.


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